Floor Sanding & Finishing

Floor Sanding and Finishing

Whether you are wanting to restore, refurbish or renew your timber floor, Anton’s Floors offer floor sanding and finishing.

Floor sanding and finishing is a process used to restore existing, old and new flooring.

This process can also be used on recycled timber flooring, decking and pre finished engineered floors.

Floor sanding and finishing is a specialised and complex skill.
Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team, utilises state-of-the-art equipment providing you with a flawless finish

We remove existing floor coatings and any imperfections which include stains, dents and general “wear and tear”, leaving your floor with a professional even finish.

The finishing process is dependent on your needs and vision and includes staining or limewashing of the timber. This is then completed with your preferred, or our recommended, finish.
By choosing a finish that aligns with your vision you have the ability to restore the original look of your floor, change the colour completely, or simply modernize the look and feel of the floor.

Staining is a process that darkens the floor, limewashing creates a white finish, or you could choose to retain the original look and feel of the timber.

Our team will work with you to ensure you achieve the look, feel and design that is suited to your home or project.